Kokoda Tribute

General Notes

We have an experienced Australian Tour Leader and Papuan Guides who know the way, they will guide you safely from one end of the Kokoda Track to the other. Take care not to deviate off the Kokoda track.

Villagers on occasion will offer us fresh vegetables and fruits that they are happy to supply. When this occurs we will gather a donation for the cost of the food. It is a gratefully accepted addition to our diet. The villagers will also offer you soft drinks and other items. Any item that you purchase that creates waste will have to be carried by you to the end of the trek.

Please respect the culture and religion of the communities. Seventh Day Adventist is the predominant religion and people observe prayer daily between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM and their Sabbath from 5:00 PM Friday to 6:00 PM Saturday. Do not put requests to the communities at these times. You are welcome to join their church services.

Do not litter the track, village, guest house or camp site areas.

Take care to avoid defacing or damaging memorials, trees or buildings. It is an offence to remove war relics and in some cases they can be quite dangerous. Please leave everything untouched where it lies in the interests of safety and preservation of the track.

At the conclusion of the Kokoda trek each trekker will be invited to pay a gratuity for their personal carrier and for the group carriers. It is customary to pay K70 for your personal carrier and K70 for the group carriers (approximately $70.00). Your trek leader will advise you of how this will be conducted on our arrival in Kokoda.

You will need approximately K140 for the gratuities, K100 for your visa and K300 for the Kokoda trek (approximately $260.00). Any alcohol or other purchases you wish to make in Port Moresby or Sogeri are not included in the cost of the trek. You may wish to bring extra money for these items.

The carriers greatly appreciate cigarettes. You can purchase a carton of duty free cigarettes before going through customs at Jackson’s Airport, in Port Moresby. These cigarettes will be distributed by our chief guide to our carriers. Please feel free to discuss this with your trek leader.

Gifts for villages can be appreciated but please do not bring disposable items. Please do not give lollies to the village children. The most valuable things to bring are medical supplies. Your trek leader will gather any unwanted medical supplies from you at the conclusion of the trek if you wish to donate them.

It is not uncommon for people to use ipods and other electronic equipment during their training for the trek. We would ask that these items are not brought to Papua New Guinea for the trek. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the track and the company of your fellow trekkers and carriers.