Kokoda Tribute

Kokoda Tribute Trust

As well as being a Gold Member of the Kokoda Track Foundation, we assist the local community through the Kokoda Tribute Trust, which is primarily setup to support development of the Sogeri Elementary School. In addition to this all of our trekkers recieve a 12 month membership of the Kokoda Track Foundation.

Recently the trust has contributed to works required to get power to the school and its class rooms. We continue to supply early reading material and have constructed classroom furniture such as desks, chairs and bookshelves.

In September 2011 we commenced drainage works to stop the classrooms from flooding during heavy rain, as it turns out, this is also a major issue in making it possible for the children to have more contact hours with their teachers. This has had a very successful outcome.

In 2012 we have supplied an extensive range of stationary from both the Trust and contributions from our Trekkers.

We have also contributed medical supplies and a mobile phone to the Sogeri Health Centre.

For an example of some of our recent work you can see some photos of the school and our desk building exercise.