Kokoda Tribute

Planning - Introduction

We come to Papua New Guinea for a number of reasons.

For many trekkers their first response when asked why they are here is for the personal challenge that comes with tackling the Kokoda track. I think we should all look a bit further.

The principal reason is to walk in the footsteps of our noble ancestors. We are here to honour all of the Diggers and Fuzzy wuzzies who together defended our shores in the most difficult of conditions.

Next is to experience the culture and people of this remarkable place.

A people who must be treated with respect, who show a humility foreign to us. They greet you to their villages, allow you to bathe in their rivers, share their food with you and give you a smile mile after mile after mile.

We owe a lot to our nearest neighbour.

We should walk the track with the same humble attitude that it’s owners possess. We only take photos and we only leave footprints.

We need to show the endurance required to complete the track, show a bit of courage to do things that are outside of our comfort zone, and sacrifice some of our own time to help a mate who might be doing it harder than we are.

Walk the track in a way that is fitting to where we are and who came before us.

We are here to offer them a tribute.

At Kokoda Tribute we are committed to helping you to prepare for the trek.