Kokoda Tribute

Planning - Personal care items to be supplied by trekker

  1. Two rolls of toilet paper (please ensure that these are seperate in water proof bags)
  2. Bio-degradable soap . You will be washing in village creeks and rivers. For the preservation of these water ways only bio-degradable soaps are acceptable.
  3. Anti bacterial hand gel, 2 x 70ml bottles.
  4. One  small anti fungal foot powder.
  5. One small tube bepathen cream.
  6. One small bottle of antiseptic. (Dettol , tea tree oil or betadine)-  15ml
  7. Hydralyte , Hydralyte sports or Gastrolyte.The tablets or sachets are ideal for helping to prevent cramps and dehydration. Allow a couple of sachets per day.
  8.  Antibiotic, stemetil (upset stomach), antihistamines if you require them.
  9. Anti-malarial medication PLEASE DISCUSS THIS WITH YOUR DOCTOR
    It is essential that any anti-malarial medication you may use will not adversely affect you while taking it.
  10. One small packet of Panadol or Neurofen
  11. One small packet of codral cold and flu tablets
  12. Sunscreen
  13. Tropical strength Rid
  14. One roll of 50mm strapping tape
  15. Elastic pressure bandage 
  16. One small packet of water proof band aids
  17. 2 blister packs
  18. Personal snack packs. We advise that you bring a 150 – 200 gram bag of snacks for each day of your trek. This fuel is very valuable between meals on a strenuous journey. Items such as nuts, jelly beans, health bar, protein bar etc. Please bag your daily snack pack seperately for each day of the trek
  19.  Aquatab water purification tablets for 8 days for up to 5 or 6 litres a day.