Kokoda Tribute

Planning - Recommended list of trekking equipment and clothing

  1. Day pack (35L)
  2. 3 litre camel back
  3. 1 litre unbreakable drink bottle
  4. Waterproof bag. It needs to big enough to contain your sleeping bag and all dry clothing in your backpack.
  5. Thermarest sleeping mat. This is not essential but the extra comfort will provide a better night’s sleep.
  6. Head torch. Make sure you have new batteries and bring one spare set.
  7. One lightweight pair of thermals.It can get cold at night in the mountains.
  8. One light weight long sleeve fleece top- 100gram.
  9. One lightweight water proof jacket. This is for warmth in camp and at stops, not to keep you dry while walking.
  10. 2 trekking shirts. Long or short sleeved depending on your preference. One is to wear each day, one as a spare.
  11. 1 trekking pants. Long or short depending on your preference.
  12. I pair of shorts for bathers or around camp, for ladies a pair of bathers for washing and swimming.
  13. One long sleeved shirt for night time.
  14. One pair of long pants for night time. (Light weight track suit pants)
  15. 3 pairs of socks.
  16. 3 pairs of underwear.
  17. One pair of bike shorts. These help to prevent chaffing
  18. One pair of strap on sandals (Tevas or crocs, etc),no thongs
  19. One pair of runners for camp.
  20. One pair of sturdy, worn in walking boots and spare laces.
  21. One pair of gaiters. Ankle high is my preference- l use the waterproof work gaiters - no strings or straps .
  22. One or a pair of trekking poles, depending on your preference.
  23. One  hat or cap
  24. One beanie for night time.
  25. One light weight travel towel.
  26. Small garden shovel (for toilet stops along the track).
  27. Camera (please ensure this is in a waterproof bag).
  28. Mess tin, cup , fork and spoon.
  29. Small pocket knife. A  simple pocket knife makes an excellent gift for your carrier or one of the group carriers
  30. One triangle bandage. It is also ideal as a sweat rag.

Note: It is essential that you test and try out all of your equipment prior to leaving Australia to make sure it is comfortable and in full working order.