Kokoda Tribute

Walking the Kokoda Track is a physically demanding activity.

The trekker will be required to walk over difficult and undulating terrain under hot, humid and damp conditions.

You will have to have a good level of fitness and good health.

It is recommended that you commence your trek preparation at least 6 months prior to your departure date.

Trek preparation requires hill walking with a daypack carrying up to 10 kg in variable weather conditions on rough terrain.

Training in a gym is good for your general fitness but is not sufficient for the Kokada Track.

Specific activity and consistent training is a vital part of your preparation.

You need to have your body prepared for the type of activity it will be required to perform.

On the Kokoda Track you are often hours or days from proper medical attention and facilities.

Our trek leader will carry a group first aid kit and it is important that only fit and mentally stable people undertake this journey.

We require that all trekkers complete the questions below and the form be completed by a qualified medical practitioner.

We highly recommend that Trekkers undergo a Treadmill Stress Echocardiogram prior to the Trek, if they have not recently successfully completed one. This is for you to ensure that you are in good physical shape.

Your Medical Form must be completed and returned to Kokoda Tribute before your final payment will be accepted.

This is required at least 60 days prior to departure.

Your trek leader is happy for you to join him on his own personal preparation at any time.

Group sessions will also be held regularly on weekends for trekkers and people who wish to see if the Kokoda Track is something they would like to experience with Kokoda Tribute.

These sessions are currently in motion.

They are generally held in and around the Dandenongs, and we also have them on other tracks around Melbourne and it's surrounds.

Please contact Marty Hook for details
Mobile: 0407 314 526 or email: marty@kokodatribute.com


You must ensure you carry your travel insurance card and a credit card on the trek with you. In the event of an emergency evacuation being required the companies will not attend the evacuation without these details.

You also will be required to meet any expenses that may eventuate before you return to Australia including transfers, meals, accommodation, and any medical attention.